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Greg has always been a drawn to the art scene.  However, his own creativity took an interesting and intriguing turn around 2015. This is when he started working with doll parts and found objects to give them a second life as mixed media assemblage and sculpture pieces.  

Inspiration comes from almost anywhere:  music, nature, film, nightmares, surrounding yourself with other creative folks.  It is in taking the opportunity to feed on these encounters that the mind can really explore and develop new ideas.  Please check back often to see what beautifully creepy work has been underway!  You won't see anything like this and you won't soon forget it.  

Gregory James Monaghan




Wee Bit of History

October 2015   City Art Cooperative Gallery

November 2015 City Art Cooperative Gallery

Autumn 2015 Radar Station Art Magazine (featured article)

February 2016 City Art Cooperative Gallery

March 2016 Inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con

April 2016 City Art Cooperative Gallery

June 2016 City Art Cooperative Gallery

September 2016 to May 2018 Kaleid Gallery (San Jose, CA)

October 2016 Sinister Creature Con

June 2017 East 10th Art Fair & Street Party (Oakland, CA)

August 2017 City Art Cooperative Gallery

October 2017 City Art Cooperative Gallery

City Art Gallery.JPG

Gregory James Monaghan likes all kinds of art, but the types he works with the most are: Doll Art, Photography, Mixed Media, Encaustic, and Assemblage. 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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