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Exciting and New

What a Spring it has been. So much art, so much to inspire. My wife and I spent a lot of time, during the past months, touring Open Studios in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose... The experience is like a special gift, something you'd love to get on your birthday, or perhaps, on Christmas. A gift of labour and love. When artists open their studios to us, they are opening themselves to us. It's an intimate experience, and a way to connect with part of their soul. Creating art is an extremely personal thing. As an artist, you are exposing part of yourself, your most vulnerable self. Having the opportunity to be a part of it, is truly a gift. Contact me for locations and dates where you can take part in these wonderful events.

Recently, I visited New Orleans and checked out their art scene. It was a fantastic time, and Creepy Doll Art felt very much at home there among the other artists pushing boundaries. That said, inspiration can come from a myriad of places and things; the swamps and cemeteries in Louisiana did not disappoint.

Through the month of June, I am showing at City Art Gallery. After a break to focus on my art, I will be showing there again later in the year. In October, Creepy Doll Art will be showing at the Sinister Creature Con in Sacramento, October 15th and 16th. And to those lucky souls who have read this far, there may be a special October show featuring Creepy Doll Art and a few other unique artists. Stay tuned.

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