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February Showing at City Art Gallery

Alright, Creepy Doll Art will be showing in February at City Art Gallery on Valencia Street in San Francisco.

I have been busy creating all new pieces for this month's show, which are in the glass case at the front of the gallery. The installation for this month was on Tuesday and I am really proud to be part of the City Art Collective in February. There are 25 talented artists in the space and something for everyone to enjoy – lots of great artwork to explore and appreciate this month. This gallery is a fun opportunity for all art lovers to see many local artists in one spot. This is one of the things that attracted me to the space.

What I love, is when I go to a studio or gallery and see a range of prices. If I can't afford a larger piece, I am happy if they have a smaller piece that is in my range. With that in mind, I try to have a range of prices for anyone interested in collecting my work. I have included a small preview video of what I'll be showing this month. I would enjoy hearing what you think, or about a piece that speaks to you.

Our Opening Reception is on Friday, February 5th from 7-10 pm. I hope to see you there. Please say 'hello'. This is one of the best parts about opening night – getting to meet others who appreciate the local art scene. Happy 2016!

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