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Silicon Valley Comic Con

The first ever Silicon Valley Comic Con was a lot of fun. I met so many people who aprreciated my Creepy Doll Art. Dozens of times I'd hear someone say, "Oh my God, that's creepy". Then they'd see the Creepy Doll Art sign and usually smile. Many folks said, "Thanks for the nightmares, I'm going to have tonight". My pleasure. Although, many children (and parents) were scared and covered their eyes, or hid behind their parents, there were a lot of people who really found it interesting. One awesome kid, looked over all of the art, said "now this is art", and started clapping. That made my day. The SVCC was huge: I think they said that around 40,000 people attended. It's sure to be even bigger next year.

My wife captured a nice shot of a few scared kids:

Scared Kids

Two Steves (both Wax, but the real Woz was at the event).

I will be blogging in the coming days about future showings for my Creepy Doll Art. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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